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I started to think that it'd be a good idea to post here a bit on a often side, so here we go.
I've just ordered a bit of products on sasa.com (btw, it's having pre-St.V. days free shipping stuff, so check it out!)

So i've ordered shills BB cream. Which is kinda weird, because i still have skinfood and innisfree ones, and i d want to try out this orange baby:

As long as it seems to be full of vitamins and such, i'll definitely will try this out. It also has SPF 50, and some citrus ingredients, so hopefully it'll be nice on summer.

Btw, i'm 50% done with my brown JSK, but i realized that i've run out of fabric, and while it was a vintage one, i crazily started to think of editing design, and figured out what it'll be looking like. It seems like i'll need corset lacing on the back, because guess what! 16 meters of velvet trim wasn't enough. LOLITA SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Speaking of lolita, i've won these items. Well, you can call me crazy, but hopefully i'll be brave enough to wear them out.

And finally, me being silly in an enormous pinky mouse hat:
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Haha, it seems like i make a new entry per year :D Hey guys, just wanted to say Happy Last new year, and Merry x-mas! I wish i could say that so much things changed, but not really :D
I've finished up with my winter semester exams now, so it looks like i'm on holiday till 7th of february! and that's cool, because i need so much nice things to do - and to finish up of course.
Here is just a quick lolita list of to-do's:
-add lace to handmade OP;
-correct the length of handmade JSK;
-finish up chocolate JSK!
-sew a white bolero
Actually i am at the reducing lolita wardrobe period, i really don't know what is it caused by - but still. It seems like i am more into casual and classic now, so i have just few sweet dresses left in my closet :D

It's a little bit hard to tell massive information, so i'll just say, that:
1. I LOVED new sherlock holmes film! It was such a nice movie that i was amazingly happy to watch it
2. I LOVED the first episode of the newest skins season. Mini is just so lovely!

haha, that't it for today ;)

Long time no post

But no one is actually reading me :D
Anyway, it's a new year now and my exam session is in progress. Even in exams term i find time to craft :D I've always wanted to have smth like tea party shoes, but not that sweet. So i decided to make them... myself, haha :D

Do you guys need a tutorial? It's not really hard, and i understood that i need a pair of blue flats now. So i can show you how to do shoes^^
Also i've received two pair of shoes in the mail.

I really like them, they are really comfortable, but smell... urgh. i suggest to keep shoes from that website (lovelyshoes.net) outside for few days :D
But i'm really glad, because brown elegant heels and pink ones were the things i really need for coordinates. Also i didn't want them to be extremely sweet and lolita'ish - to keep wearing them even without lolia outfit.
Also i've ordered a pair of rocking horse shoes, hope i'll receive them soon.
And i need a list of things to do after passing the most difficult exam - program making subject is really hard to understand T.T
- 2 skirt *need to buy fabric!
- 1 JSK *fabric
- 2 purses
- buying a frilly parasol

Late merry x-mas and pre-happy new year :3

Hey everyone! Tonight i've finally passed physics exam and i'm totally hapy. Honestly, i was freaky nervous about it, but it went smoothly ;D
Anyway, tomorrow i was planning to make a photoshoot, but photographer passed at the last minute. But nothing goes without the reason: i felt really sick during the evening, so i couldn't even stay up and haven't finished the fur collar. But i hope i'll be able to make a photoshoot in my blue JSK on thursday :)

And today, after passing all these exams, i went to my lil brother's pre-new year's celebration to a kindergarden. It was freaky hot there! But i had a lot of fun. It feels me happy to look at little children dancing and singing holiday songs and stuff~~~

Anyway, i've finally ended up my red gingham JSK! I like it very much. It is lined, empire waisted... and yeah, it is sooo country-like! I love country lolita very much, hope i'll have a chance to make some cute outfits with this Jsk <3

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And i've ordered some stuff! During winter russian post doesn't work really well, but i hope that shoes, and tights, and stuff will arrive soon.
And hey, have i written that my first and only angelic pretty skirt arrived in the mail?! I am so happy with it! I've ordered a pair of pretty pink shoes to wear with it, and i'm on the half of the way to product a hairstyle to wear during lolita festival in moscow in 2011 :3

And hey... I think that i'm in need of boyfriend :D letters are combining to a name of my exbf and i'm kinda crazy because of coming up exams session.

Anyway, i wonder, if anyone from USA is reading my LJ?^_~ I've found out that i literally want EVERYTHING from this shop :D But they don't ship to russia... sooo... can anybody offer me a SS?^_~

Christmas is gone, but there is a new year celebration, yeah! We've decorated the tree~

So i wish everybode happy new year!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Yay, winter finally is here! I do love this cold, snowy, a little dangerous time of the year. I mean, nothing is better than cool air and ice, and skiing... And New Year at all!
Few days ago snow started falling down, and i made some photos. Now it is MUCH more snowy, and i'm really happy about it.

Anyway, winter lolita day went away. Unfortunately, i didn't have a chance to celebrate it properly due to weather, but i definitely dressed up in my new handmade JSK. I've also sewn baby-inspired muffler (i was so slow, so i missed it on closet child)

Daily lolita post

And now there are only 4 weeks left to the end of the semester and i need to write a curse work - a game, but i have no idea what to start with :D So now i am sewing a new black blouse, which, i wish, will match the AP skirt, that i wait coming by mail. Yay, it will be the first my brand skirt ever! Btw, i've traded my gothic JSK to a putumayo skirt and a BL blouse, so i'm waiting for them too xD

Oh, also i'vу tried Michelle Phan's gothic lolita make-up tutorial. I'm not a perfect visage maker, so... Eeeh... I guess, it is not a good idea to wear this sort of makeup outside for me :D

Have a great week^3^
PS I post here not very often, but if you're interested in my new projects - or in russian winter :D - here is my blog, it is on Russian, but i'll provedi translations if needed^^

Tralala, ended up a JSK!

Yaaay, i'm finally finished with it! It was a little difficult because of all of the detailing on the skirt part. Also the top part consists of 7 pieces of fabric O.o But i'm very pleased with the result. BTW, the fabric is vintage: my mum gave it to me, it was made in middle USSR. The quality of the photos is not really good, so you can't see little white floral ornament on it. So... Enjoy^^

Also today we've performance on english festival opening. So... do you have bad mood? Are you depressed and feel blue? Just look at this, haha :D

We have just one performance left. So after thу last concert i'll have 1 month to wait the new year! Gosh... I love this holiday so much! You know, Christmas tree, and unsleepy nights and so on. Yay!
Anyway... I'm in lack of lolita shoes, obviously i have only two pair of mary-janes - black and white ones - so i decided to buy pair of elegant brown heels. Also i need red flats and pink or blue shoes... But usually i order from the site that doesn't allow orders that are heavier than 2 kg, so i can only buy 2 pairs now :D

I'll firstly get these, and after i'll try to get red pair. Also i really want lolita boots, and i've chosen a pair in Bodyline, but they are completely sold out in my fave colorway!
Goos luck!^^

Strawberry floral jam

It was so fun to sew this set! When i saw this fabric, i was inspired by it's bright and colorful design and fastly bought it :D
I've sewn the set of bow and skirt just for two hours. Sprint sewing, haha :D

Unlined, material is flannel
Not the best photo T.T My camera feels like it will die soon, but i'm not sure where Sony service center is placed :@ Hope i'll find it out soon ^^
Btw, i'm planning to sew a little white apron for this skirt and will coordinate it with straw hat and bag. Do you think it'll be alright? I'll try to make another style for the wig that time^^

Autumn symphony

Another self-made lolita thingy sewn by me :3 I love the fabric very much because it looks good with my hair (kinda rare situation: i need to put on wig often ><). It was the first time i sewn the empire waist designed JSK. I hope you like it^^

Fabric is cotton. It looks a little unfinished... I think, i need to cut off the lace and buy and stitch some gorgeous brown once. But firstly i need to find them @_@ Also i think that pearl thread would look pretty between little bows on the top part, what do you think about it?^^
Right now, unfortunately, i don't have matching shoes, but i think that brown heels would be great. I'll place order soon for them and for red flats ones i hope *___*

Sewing post: Bow Monster Onepiece!

Honestly, it was the most difficult dress i ever sewn, mostly because of meters of frills, lots of bows - and a detachable collar as well. But... I've sewn it in 3 days, do you believe it? :D I was sooo hurry because i needed to send a CV to a costume festival... Finally i've made it, went to a fest and sold the dress to get another piece :D I've finally realized that this ultra-sweet lavender doesn't suit me as good as it must. Also i've sewn a dress of the same design for a lovely girl from Australia in other colors. I believe that second variant was quiet more accurate than my lilac one :D
Now on to the photos...

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I has 9 bows in total (the last one is on the collar) excluding the waist ties that i forgot to take with me :D
The material is polyester, the lining is cotton. Wristcuffs and headdress are made myself too :3